The Water Meter RFID E-seal (ZC-04E)  product introduction

This product has a barcode label inside and a built-in RFID chip. When the product is successfully sealed, it will form a one-time seal. It can only be removed after cutting the sealing wires.ZC-04E High Security RFID Meter Seal
The scope of application:
Hydropower metering, fuel dispenser, taxi meter, postal bag, logistics, banking, chemical, mining, foreign trade commodity inspection and other industries.
The sealing shell is made of PS transparent plastic. The self-locking insert is made of colored ABS plastic and embedded stainless steel shrapnel. The RFID chip is cured by epoxy resin to ensure waterproof, dustproof and vibration resistant.
Product specifications:

  • Size: 25.6*17.2*8.2mm
  • Waterproof, dustproof performance: IP65 international standards.

Execution standard: Compatible with ISO15693 protocol

Standard operating frequency: 125K\13.56M\915MHz

Product material:
Made up of plastic lock body and wire.  The plastic lock body consists of two parts, the lock cylinder and the lock sleeve, which are all injection molded from ABS plastic.
Locking method:
Push-on lock Easy to install: Pass the thread through the two holes of the plastic lock, adjust the position, press the insert to fix
Printing method: laser engraving, company name, serial number, barcode.
Product color:
Transparent or opaque Cylinder: Red, blue, yellow, green, blue, etc. Customized according to customer requirements

The Water Meter RFID E-seal flow chart

Water Meter RFID E-seal flow chart

The functional characteristics

Intelligent meter reading and anti-theft electronic seal management system:
1. Intelligent meter reading system: read the electronic seal ID code on the water meter through the handheld machine to determine the water meter user, input the water meter reading on the handheld machine, upload it to the system platform through communication, automatic data reporting, and combine the original charging system, you can quickly generate a water bill.
2. Anti-theft electronic seal management system: with electronic seals as the core, the management of the seals in the storage, use, sealing, inspection, invalidation, etc., the handheld machine through the communication network for each step of the seal The operation is synchronized with the background server in time, and the electronic seal ID number is combined with the water meter user information (such as the user name, address, installation time, installer, etc.) by means of the seal management system, and the meter is periodically combined with the meter reading. Conduct water safety inspection and supervision, accurately identify the identity of the water meter, and identify whether there is fraud.
a.The real anti-counterfeit security
Each electronic seal has an RFID chip inside, which has a unique ID number and cannot be copied. It completely eliminates water stealing and reduces the loss of water companies.
b. Information management
The traditional seal can only be used for sealing purposes. The RFID electronic seal can record the user name, user number, address information, instrument number, meter degree (meter reading) while satisfying the sealing application. Upload data to the management background in real time.
c. Process authority management
You can configure the user name account and password, configure the post role, seal the personnel, the inspection personnel, and the unpacking personnel. Different personnel have different permissions and cannot operate without permission.
Lead seal management: The seals that have been sealed can only be inspected and unsealed, and the seal operation cannot be performed again. The seal that has been unsealed shows that the seal is unusable when reading the information, and the confusion during the use of the seal is eliminated.
d. Report query and export function
All operation records and data can be queried in the application management background, and support data export to improve management efficiency.

Our company introduction

Fujian Zhengcheng Sealing Factory was founded in 1998. After 20 years of development, it has become an innovative high-tech enterprise integrating electronic seals, RFID smart seals, Internet of Things, lead seal production and sales. The company has Zhengcheng Network Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Wubao Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yimiao Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Zhengcheng Seal Co., Ltd. and other branches. Our company specializes in producing all kinds of seals, cable seals, container seals, plastic seals, security seals, tamper evident seals, container seals, coal seals, plastic seals, seals, container seals, logistics seals, Plastic seals, wire seals, instrument seals, seal lines, seal clamps, tanker seals, container seals, truck seals, trailer seals, fuel tank seals, high security seals, bullet seals, padlock seals, etc.

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