ZC-19E High Security RFID Meter Seal

High security RFID electronic meter seal marry RFID transponders or their components with manual seal components. It offers precise information as to where, when, or by whom the seal was inspected. Embeded unique coded chip is highly anti-duplication and tamper-evident.


Product introduction

One-time meter seal intended to effectively prevent tampering with our innovative design;

Integrated and compact structure ensures that seal can not be restored after open;

Strong materials can withstand the exposure to direct sunlight and extreme weather.


  • Color: Red, White, Back, Yellow, Blue or any customized color
  • Material: PC and ABS
  • Tension:not less than 200N
  • length:10-20mm
  • Size:35.7mm*33.4mm*12mm


Data retention time: more than 10 years

Read and write times: more than 100,000 times

Working Temperature: -40~80℃(humidity:9 0% RH)

Working frequency: 13.56MHz/860-960MHz

Reading range: 0-30mm

Applicating area:  Gas meter, electric meter, water meter, taxi meter, postal parcel and cash box etc..

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