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Plastic Pull Tight Security seals | China Leading Supplier(ZC-400R)

The plastic pull tight seals (ZC-400R) is easy to use with self-locking construction that adjusts to fit a variety of closure sizes. The seal fractures by any sort of manipulation to indicate tampering clearly. Custom logo, barcode, QR code and numberings on custom orders

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Plastic Pull Tight seals (ZC-400R) Description


  • Self-locking seal.
  • Smooth tail insertion for easy pull-up.
  • Available in two flag sizes and three lengths: 11.8”(300mm)/15.7”(400mm) /19.7”(500mm).
  • The seal houses the metal insert in a separate casing which is then welder into the locking chamber.
  • This seal is multi-functional and versatile in application.





  • Overall length: 11.8”(300mm)
  • Flag: 1.0”(26mm)×2.9”(74mm) ;Tail: 11.0”(280mm)


  • Overall length: 15.7”(400mm)
  • Flag: 1.0”(26mm)×2.9”(74mm) ;Tail: 11.0”(280mm)


  • Overall length: 19.7”(500mm).
  • Flag: 1.2”(30mm)×2.9”(74mm) ;Tail: 15.0”(380mm)

plastic pull tight seals size

Strength Characteristics

Polypropylene: Average looped pull apart force is 33 lbs (15 kg).


  • Serial number,alphabet,logo,bar code are available by laser or heat stamp printing
  • Custom embossing


  • 100/Bag-2500/Carton
  • Box dimension: 19.7”(500mm)×16.5”(420mm)×13.4”(340mm)


  • Standard Colors

security seals standard color

  • Custom Colors

security seals custom color


  • Meat Industry
  • ATM Cassettes
  • Chemical Containers
  • Airline Trolleys
  • Emergency Doors
  • Grain Silos

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