■ Logistics transportation anti-piracy traceability system— RFID logistics anti-theft management system

Logistics transportation anti-theft traceability system — RFID logistics anti-theft management system

Goods transportation safety monitoring and management in transit due to technical interoperability, long-term in a state of blank, Fuzhou ZhengCheng Security Seals Company according to the above situation introduced a logistics monitoring system based on RFID, which suitable for valuables, pharmaceutical, mining, tobacco, food and other industries, effectively prevent transit on the replacement of products, such as doping, shoddy cheating.

This system USES RFID E- seal, the door is installed in the transport vehicles, each RFID E- seal has only number in the world, and it can store delivery time and delivery place destination, the consignee, the consignor, the carrier, the encrypted information, related to the goods on arrival dedicated RFID read-write device RFID reader electronic sealinformation stored in the transport of goods and the seals look pictures, opened automatically records the time and location information, uploading, and spool so transportation management is cheating, if there is cheating, can be traced back to those responsible for each part.

■ Logistics transportation process safety monitoring system

  1. After installing the tag on the car in the ground, use the handheld to write the corresponding license plate number, item name, destination address and operator information, and then upload the corresponding information to the management system back-end server. Prepare to download this information from your handheld.
  2. To B to unpack the RFID handset to take pictures, while recording the time GPS location information, and upload the management system through 3G.
  3. The handheld reads the RFID seal information, and records the time and GPS geographical location information. These records are also uploaded one by one.
  4. The system automatically checks whether the relevant records match, and whether the photographing time and unpacking time are within a reasonable range.
  5. If there is an abnormality, it can be fed back to the monitoring center through the abnormal information.

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