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29Nov 2019

Problems of Traditional Security Seal 1.Surface level tamper evident:The traditional anti-counterfeiting of security seals mainly depends on customer Logo, bar code and sequential numbers, that printed by laser printing on the product surface as ID recognition. The tamper proof level is not high, it is easy to be duplicated. 2.Poor Seal Practice:Good practiceof security seal begins with careful loading, counting and documentation of cargo before a seal is applied. Seals themselves […]

25Oct 2019

Patent Description on  Disposable RFID Electronic Security Seal 1.Technical area The utility model works as a disposable electronic seal for cargo identification and safety during transportation 2.Traditional Technology The traditional anti-counterfeiting of security seals mainly depends on customer name, LOGO, code and serial number etc., that printed by laser printing and blanching on the product […]

20Sep 2019

■ Logistics transportation anti-piracy traceability system— RFID logistics anti-theft management system Logistics transportation anti-theft traceability system — RFID logistics anti-theft management system Goods transportation safety monitoring and management in transit due to technical interoperability, long-term in a state of blank, Fuzhou ZhengCheng Security Seals Company according to the above situation introduced a logistics monitoring system based […]

12Apr 2019
What are Cable Seals

The cable seals is a security seals, high security seals are mechanisms used to seal shipping containers in a way that provides tamper evidence and some level of security. Such seals can help to detect theft or contamination, either accidental or deliberate. Security seals are commonly used to secure truck trailers, vessel containers, chemical drums, […]

12Apr 2019

The Water Meter RFID E-seal (ZC-04E)  product introduction This product has a barcode label inside and a built-in RFID chip. When the product is successfully sealed, it will form a one-time seal. It can only be removed after cutting the sealing wires. The scope of application: Hydropower metering, fuel dispenser, taxi meter, postal bag, logistics, […]

08Apr 2019
what is plastic seals

Plastic seals are a common seal product that appears in our daily lives and is of great help to our work and life. People often confuse plastic seals with cable tie, but in reality they are quite different. Plastic seals are very different from the material, appearance and function. It can be said that the […]

20Mar 2019
RFID electronic seal process

The RFID electronic seal is a logistics transportation security solution With the rapid development of national economy and society, the demand for petroleum, petrochemical and other energy products is increasing. Meanwhile, the price of petroleum and petrochemical products is also soaring. Driven by huge interests, criminals commit more and more crimes of theft and adulteration […]

21Feb 2019

The RFID Electronic Security Seals for Container’s other name is E-Seal(electronic seal) or RFID seal(Radio Frequency Identification). It can substitute for tradition seals that often applies on gas, oil, truck and container. It can prevent the goods to steal by thief when customer build the security system. It also can provide automatic identification and help […]

05Feb 2019
security seals classification

The security seals classification mainly classified according to purpose and material Security seals classification for purposes seals classification According to different purposes and purposes, the security seal are mainly divided into four categories: plastic seals, cable seals, bolt seals (container seals) and meter seals. Security seals classification for materials If you consider the cost factor, you […]

16Jan 2019
Electric meter security seal

Electricity, this word is now known to almost every household and plays a very important role in people’s lives. With electricity, it is necessary to accurately calculate the electricity consumption of each household, and an electricity meter is generated. The electricity grid staff will calculate the electricity bill, but many people have the idea of […]