Patent Description on  Disposable RFID Electronic Security Seal

1.Technical area

The utility model works as a disposable electronic seal for cargo identification and safety during transportation

2.Traditional Technology

The traditional anti-counterfeiting of security seals mainly depends on customer name, LOGO, code and serial number etc., that printed by laser printing and blanching on the product surface. The anti-counterfeiting level is not high, it is easy to be imitated .

3.What are the shortcomings of the traditional technology? In view of these shortcomings, the technical problem to be solved by the invention is explained as below,

Because the traditional anti-counterfeit identification information is exposed on the surface of the seal, the information content is easy to be copied.To solve this problem, we use the ultrasonic technology to embed the RFID electronic chip into the security seal. It has the world’s unique RFID chip number with radio-frequency identification technology. Via mobile phone, hand-held reader and other tools, the information is written into the sealed RFID chip and system, and then the relevant tool is applied to read the anti-counterfeiting identification information to achieve high anti-counterfeiting level.


Figure 1 is a schematic drawing of utility model structure

Figure 2 is a schematic drawing of the housing body

Figure 3 is a schematic drawing of the carbon-steel lock body

The reference numerals in the figure are: 1.1 – housing body, 1.2 – lock-body shell, 1.3 – signage, 1.4 – lock-body, 1.5 – steel wire, 2.1 – fixed wire lock-hole, 2.2 – first wire lock-hole, 2.3 – Second wire lock-hole, 2.4 – chip slot 3.1 – carbon-steel lock-body, 3.2 – pring for steel ball.

5.Specific Implementation:

(1). Referring to Figures 1 to 3, an one-off RFID electronic security seal includes   a carbon-steel lock body and housing body, both of which contain spring structure with steel balls (1.1); the housing body (1.1) includes a lock a body casing (1.2) and a label (1.3); a lower end of the lock body casing (1.2) is provided with a fixed wire lock-hole (2.1) and a first wire lock-hole (2.2); the lock-body casing (1.2) is provided with a second wire lock-hole (2.3); the second wire lock-hole (2.3) as a shape of a truncated cone, and the bottom surface of the second wire piercing (2.3) having a large radius faces the outer end.
(2). Further, the label(1.3) can print the anti-counterfeit barcode, anti-counterfeit QR code, corporate label, the logo, the sequential encoding or other custom information onto the surface by laser or blanching.
(3). Further, the label (1.3) is internally provided with a chip placement slot (2.4), and an RFID electronic chip is placed in the chip placement slot (2.4).

6.The workflow of the utility model is as follows:

(1). By the injection molding, insert the carbon-steel lock body (3.1) into the housing body (1.1), thread the steel wire (1.5) out of the wire fixed keyhole (2.1), and insert the RFID electronic chip into the chip placement slot by ultrasonication. (2.4) above.

(2). To use, thread the end of the wire (1.5) from the first wire lock hole (2.1) into the housing of lock body (1.2) and the carbon steel lock body (3.1), and then thread out from the second wire lock hole (2.2 ); by one-way lock,the steel ball spring structure (3.2) is locked to the steel wire (1.5); and the RFID chip in the  placement slot (2.4) is read by a mobile phone, a handheld device and a card reader, etc., and then the management system can be jointed to read and recognize the anti-counterfeiting information that is very difficult to be copied.


The new disposable RFID electronic security seal, which adds an RFID electronic chip, and joins management system,  reads and recognizes the anti-counterfeiting information that is difficult to be copied, further strengthens the anti-counterfeiting effect, and realizes the IOT(Internet of Things) communication.

8. What are the key points and protection target of the this invention?

(1). The key point of the invention is that the RFID chip is embedded on the basis of the traditional seal, so that the seal has the global unique RFID chip number, so that it has the function of docking with the system, and can record and read the anti-counterfeit information which is difficult to be copied.

(2). The above is only the embodiment of this utility model, and does not limit the scope of the patent of this invention. Any equivalent structure or equivalent process transformation using the specification and the contents of this invention, or directly or indirectly in other related technical fields,  is included in the scope of patent protection of this invention.


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